And so it has begun…

Internships seem to be on the tongue of every millennial I know both in and just out of college.

This week I’ve begun my own internship at Material Studios and Gallery in Milwaukee’s Third Ward.  Back in February I had received an email from an adjunct professor that works as a full time artist out of a studio space here asking me to come in for a meeting for a possible position.  If you’re from Milwaukee, you know then that the Third Ward is THE place for artists.  Galleries are on every corner, stacked one on the other in old warehouse buildings that still have the famed Cream City brick color.  Needless to say, I was pumped to begin at Material.

I will be here for roughly three months this summer working on social media for the artists and businesses that are here.  I already have some tips for all of you out there that are looking to promote yourself!

  • Set up a media plan.  For example, I will be posting every week with some themes; think of a highlight day, use Throwback Thursdays, inspiration days with quotes, and days to share art new.  Link all of your pages like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so they all post together.  Have you heard of Hootsuite?  I will be learning how to use it soon, but it’s a way to link all social media pages together and schedule upcoming posts.  You do have to pay for it though.  If you’re on a budget, don’t forget Facebook lets you schedule posts!
  • Use Google forms for mass communication.  I emailed all the artists and businesses in the studio two Google forms that have them plug in information for social media. Once they all reply, I just download their responses and copy and paste into my (scheduled) posts following my social media plan.
  • Utilize graphic arts programs.  I like  I used it all semester to create fun handouts for my education classes.  But you can also use it to create blog and social media photos.  On Canva, they have a Facebook cover photo template that you can upload your photos to and add other FREE details!

I’ll have more coming soon.  If you have a topic in mind, comment below or email me!

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