Next steps…

Last week I moved some of my works of art into my studio space at Material Studios and Gallery.  And while I still have a lot of supplies to move in, it feels good to have a “home” for my work.  My job has been, in exchange for studio space for the next three months, to update social media to market for these professionals that rent their studio space here. Material Studios and Gallery has a unique format.  Each studio space is open air, with a half wall to designate the different spaces. A back wall in the space allows for artists to have their own personal “gallery” to display current work that is ready for sale. What I find so cool about this layout is that potential patrons can see how artists work and the journey they take to produce their work

While totally corny, I did get some unexpected encouragement from my oh-so-healthy fast food fortune cookie:


I sure hope the sky is the limit this June!


Author: laurenmarienitka

I am an emerging artist in Milwaukee, WI. My blog posts give insight into the beginning stages of an art career to give other young artists advice, hope, and encouragement.

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